A Series 4 Tenth Doctor fan art piece in the style of Lee Binding’s work for Doctor Who: The Collection.

Revised March 2024 Version:

Original version:

Special thanks to my friend Tweetlord for helping me decide what colours to use for this season and what the Doctor should hold in his hand this time … this time being nothing, but a regenerating hand.

Though technically it’s inaccurate, since both times he regenerates in this season (The Stolen Earth and The End of Time, and yes I count Series 4 + the Specials as part of the same season) he doesn’t wear a trench coat. The decision to give him this outfit for this cover came down to the struggles finding pics of him raising his hand while wearing a trench coat in Series 2. I want to give him a different outfit on each season cover, so if he can’t wear a trench coat on the Series 2 cover, he’s got to on this one. The plan for Series 3 is the Blink outfit, and the plan for Series 2 is the black/dark grey suit. He wears the blue suit in this one with a trench coat.

Yeah.. I realised that my creativity is not that innovative when I discovered the pose I was doing for the Doctor was nearly identical to the pose on the official Specials steelbook. But I try to pick a pose/item for the Doctor to hold that’s most thematically relevant to the respective season. Except for when I gave Capaldi the memory worm on the Series 8 cover, but that’s cause I couldn’t find good pics of him holding chalk like from Listen. I know I’m being pedantic and stubborn, but I try not to use pics from other seasons or actors outside of the season I’m doing a cover for. It feels like cheating. The one time I broke this rule was when I used pics from the Series 9 sonic screwdriver reveal video for the Series 10 cover. Outside of that, never!

I was really unsure of the colour scheme to use for this cover… so here’s another version. It was hard to decide; Red and blue works well for the Tennant era overall, but purple fits Series 4… but gold/orange fits the Specials. When I started these covers, I honestly chose colour for each cover based solely on the section of the title sequence I was using for the background. I was happy with this until some person on Reddit said the Series 8 and 9 colours should have been swapped, so I’ve been unsure of my decisions ever since. Lesson learned: Don’t use Reddit.

With thanks to @TBAGallery for HQ images.