A Series 2 Tenth Doctor fan art piece in the style of Lee Binding’s work for Doctor Who: The Collection.

Revised cover from March 2024:

Original cover:

Special thanks to my friend Tweetlord for help with deciding what colours to use and what to put in the Doctor’s hand this season, and some outfit stuff.

This is the first series I’ve gone back and rewatched before making the cover which I think helped with choosing appropriate colours, attire etc. I chose aqua/teal for the base of this cover to match the coral TARDIS interior from this series.

I almost put the Emperor of the Racnoss from The Runaway Bride on this cover to push my belief that Runaway Bride belongs to Series 2. I mean it picks up literally the second after Doomsday. In most cases I see the annual Christmas special as an epilogue to the series that aired that year. The obvious exception of course is The Christmas Invasion which is represented on this cover as I feel it makes less sense to bundle with Christopher Eccleston’s short-lived era, but then again, The Twin Dilemma. I ended up not putting the Racnoss on here mainly because I couldn’t figure out a placement that looked good.

Special thanks to The Black Archive for their much appreciated work compiling high quality images.