A Series 13 Thirteenth Doctor fan art piece in the style of Lee Binding’s work for Doctor Who: The Collection.

This piece covers Flux + the 2022 Specials (Eve of the Daleks, Legend of the Sea Devils & The Power of the Doctor). I thought about including Revolution of the Daleks as part of this since I always thought there’d be a DVD box set collecting all 4 specials + Flux; Then it’d be a 5-disc set, but alas it has not come to be. On the Series 12 cover I’m doing (which as of writing is unfinished) I use a picture from Revolution for a hand and it fits better in that season anyway what with Graham and Ryan.

Did you know that the Doctor only wears a blue shirt in Series 13 for one episode? And that there’s no pictures of her facing straight on the camera while wearing that shirt? And that if I want to have her hold the ice cream from The Power of the Doctor, I have to frankenstein a blue shirt because she wears it during that moment? Yeah! It’s true! Fun! I’m having fun!

Special thanks to The Black Archive for their much appreciated work compiling high quality images.

Series 12 is next… and the last… until Series 14.