A Series 3 Tenth Doctor fan art piece in the style of Lee Binding’s work for Doctor Who: The Collection.

I started working on this piece way back in January when I found a great picture to use for the torso, but I almost abandoned this one when trying to get something into the Doctor’s hand.

The obvious choice for this season was the fob watch from Human Nature. It was a challenge putting the hand composite together, even now I’m still not sure if I succeeded. There are pictures of the 8th and 13th Doctors holding a fob watch, but a challenge I set myself with these covers is to only use pictures from the respective season, so I had to get creative. I thought about using the timey-wimey detector from Blink if I could find the right pictures for a Blink outfit composite, but that didn’t pan out.

Special thanks to The Black Archive and Tragical History Tour for their much appreciated work compiling high quality images.