A Series 11 Thirteenth Doctor fan art piece in the style of Lee Binding’s work for Doctor Who: The Collection.

Before I made this piece, the only 13th Doctor episode I had seen more than once was her first, The Woman Who Fell to Earth. I really had no ideas for what I could put in her hand for this season other than the sonic. When I went through The Black Archive photo gallery, I thought about using the cube thing from Resolution, which would free up the sonic to be used for the S13 cover.

Other people have made their own S13 Collection-style covers and used the fob watch and glowing pyramid thing; I always try to do something different with mine, but if I can’t find anything else, then at least I’ll have the sonic left. Basically, if I can save the sonic until it’s absolutely necessary then I will.

Cube thing from Resolution

Having now rewatched Resolution, I still have no idea what the cube thing is. I swear it just shows up suddenly with no explanation. Might be a DNA sample?

My friend Simon (Tweetlord) suggested using the custard cream biscuit from The Ghost Monument. She only holds it for two seconds at the end of the episode, but it’s far more interesting than the sonic (and it’s funny). How could I not?

Custard cream biscuit from The Ghost Monument

I put consideration into the colour(s) to use for each season. I don’t want use the same colour for two seasons in a row, so if Series 11 is gold and teal (or whatever blue this is), Series 12 has to be something different. I think I might use blue for S12, so I had to change S11.

Work in progress S11 cover with blue

Special thanks to The Black Archive and Tragical History Tour for their much appreciated work compiling high quality images.