A Series 6 Eleventh Doctor fan art piece in the style of Lee Binding’s work for Doctor Who: The Collection.

I really wanted for this cover to use the green coat outfit from the second half of series 6, but ultimately I couldn’t source the pictures needed to construct a composite in this pose even going through the Blu-rays looking for frames from the episodes.

Draft for a green coat composite

I was adamant about putting the sonic in his hand for this cover. I gotta make sure the Doc holds their sonic on one of their covers, and since S7 had the glasses and S5 had the mirror, that left S6. I must have seen every picture of Matt Smith holding the sonic while trying to make this composite. The arm for this composite was taken from the DVD insert for Series 6 which I had to digitally scan to get the picture since it wasn’t available online.

The torso and head of this composite comes from a photo shoot for the Children in Need 2011 special episode.

The hexagonal shapes in the background come from the cage holding Idris in The Doctor’s Wife.


Special thanks to The Black Archive and Tragical History Tour for their much appreciated work compiling high quality images.

With this cover, I’ve finally completed covers for the first 10 series of modern Doctor Who!